“The first Noel, the Angels did say, was to certain poor Shepherds in fields as they lay. In fields where they lay keeping their Sheep, on a cold winter’s night that was so deep. Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel…”

Christmas is just around the corner and what perfect way to get your festive mood on than with a Noel pound cake? Light and moist traditional pound cake with a rich buttery vanilla taste, infused with the sweet scents of nutmeg and cinnamon… Christmas Heaven!

Scoop a ball of cherry vanilla ice-cream atop a slice and sway to the rhythm of Christmas as you take bites into it and indulge!
It is said that no Christmas season would be complete without the melodious singing of the tuneful ‘First Noel’ carol… I say, make your Christmas even more complete with this Christmas themed delectable cake. Get Your Fix!IMG_20131213_115918 IMG-20131111-WA0021



Curl up in your bed with a slice of this fruit cake and a cup of your favorite beverage… Make that 2 slices.

Raisins, apricots, chopped pineapples, cherries, prunes cooked in brandy, rum, orange and pineapple juice… Toasted walnuts, blanched almonds, a touch of chocolate, a shot of coffee… Fruitcake heaven!




Here, i swapped the brandy for red wine, for a slightly different texture and taste. Equally amazing!


“If you cannot beat them, join them”…

Naturally, i am a bit of a huge snub when it comes to baked goods and there has been this new baked doughnut madness. Same way i love croissants, i love doughnuts. Everything about them. How fluffy and full they feel in your mouth… They are simply awesome! I personally don’t like to call these new guys doughnuts… First off doughnuts are fried dough pastries and these are baked and are not particularly made from dough so that takes away the name already, no?

P.S: This is just me blabbing about what i think i know… or not.

But this post isn’t about what i think is right or wrong in the pastry world, this is about how i was pleasantly surprised when i “reluctantly” decided to put aside all negativity and give the baked mini doughnut a try. Ooooh they were nice!!! Not a doughnut kind of nice, but a milky-yummy-moist-little-pastry-that-goes-all-into-your-mouth kind of nice. I say these “cakenuts” are not half bad at all. As a matter of fact i think i may get hooked on this one. They are cute finger pastries that would be perfect for kids parties, tea parties, showers, cocktail sweets et al. You should try them if you haven’t!






Red Velvet Rave!

I have decided to christen this cake; the crowd pleaser. This is one cake I love and I am apparently not alone in this.  With its thick rich flavour, Red Velvet Cake always lives up to the awesomeness it’s expected. That moist and savoury ‘buttermilky-chocolatey’ flavour from the cake. It’s almost as if this cake just melts in your mouth, leaving you dazzled and wanting for more. We make ours even more mind-blowing by infusing the exceptional Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla flavour… Rich, creamy, old-fashioned! The depth of the aroma and the freshness emanating from this one flavour cannot be rivaled  And to crown it all, the velvety after-tones from the flavour blends awesomely with the Red Velvet Cake, giving it a superior taste and a sweet buttery aroma.

Red Velvet Cakes are positively addictive! Get some!


Mango-Lime Cupcakes with Lime Frosting!

Ever had a Mango-Lime Cupcake? No ifs, ands, or buts – they are delightful! Positively sinful! I could go on marveling at the unique burst of flavors fused into one little cupcake… The moistness the chopped mangoes give the cake, the combination of the sweet and tarty flavor mixed with the citrusy flavor from the lime, gives the cake a nice tang. In my opinion, Mango-Lime Cupcakes are absolutely, amazingly flavorful!