Red Velvet Rave!

I have decided to christen this cake; the crowd pleaser. This is one cake I love and I am apparently not alone in this.  With its thick rich flavour, Red Velvet Cake always lives up to the awesomeness it’s expected. That moist and savoury ‘buttermilky-chocolatey’ flavour from the cake. It’s almost as if this cake just melts in your mouth, leaving you dazzled and wanting for more. We make ours even more mind-blowing by infusing the exceptional Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla flavour… Rich, creamy, old-fashioned! The depth of the aroma and the freshness emanating from this one flavour cannot be rivaled  And to crown it all, the velvety after-tones from the flavour blends awesomely with the Red Velvet Cake, giving it a superior taste and a sweet buttery aroma.

Red Velvet Cakes are positively addictive! Get some!



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