“If you cannot beat them, join them”…

Naturally, i am a bit of a huge snub when it comes to baked goods and there has been this new baked doughnut madness. Same way i love croissants, i love doughnuts. Everything about them. How fluffy and full they feel in your mouth… They are simply awesome! I personally don’t like to call these new guys doughnuts… First off doughnuts are fried dough pastries and these are baked and are not particularly made from dough so that takes away the name already, no?

P.S: This is just me blabbing about what i think i know… or not.

But this post isn’t about what i think is right or wrong in the pastry world, this is about how i was pleasantly surprised when i “reluctantly” decided to put aside all negativity and give the baked mini doughnut a try. Ooooh they were nice!!! Not a doughnut kind of nice, but a milky-yummy-moist-little-pastry-that-goes-all-into-your-mouth kind of nice. I say these “cakenuts” are not half bad at all. As a matter of fact i think i may get hooked on this one. They are cute finger pastries that would be perfect for kids parties, tea parties, showers, cocktail sweets et al. You should try them if you haven’t!







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